The Journey

Man, it has been years since I have been to Michigan; the place that I was born and raised. Pursuing my career in music had me moving all the way to Florida alone to get my degree in music business. As a DIY artist, I felt like I needed to know how things were done. Post graduation, I’ve been finding out what REAL life is all about. Finally started doing my own shows locally in FL, selling T-Shirts, etc. just to survive. It was hard. Finally, I decided that Orlando was not the place for me and moved on to The Lone Star State (Texas).

So here I am, a pure Michigander who lived there for 20 years, living in my third state trying to build my empire from the ground up. I’m 22 years old and I have a lot of tasks in front of me before I can get where I set out to be….but this is the ride and I’m loving every minute of it. Music has allowed me to meet so many people, perform so many places, and do so many things that I would have never done without it; I’m just excited about where I’m going next.

Having a Ball!

RyMic The King is throwing a ball…Hip Hop style. The location is High Society in Winter Park. There will be some Dope performers such as Rezen, Harp City Harper, Mason Roman, Paco Escobar, and more! Including a performance by RyMic The King himself. There will be sexy dancing from sexy ladies and free beer for everyone 21+ all night long and raffles for  awesome prizes. On top of all of this, it’s only $10 to get in. If you are in the Central Florida area, High Society in Winter Park is the place to be on October 5th.

Florida Tour!

As of Recently, RyMic The King has been invited to jump on a 5 show Florida Tour. If yo live in Florida, this will be dope as hell. The Tour starts on August 30th (RyMic The King’s Birthday!). If you’re in one of these areas, come out and see RyMic Live:

8/30 Orlando, FL – Uncle Lou’s (My Birthday!)
8/31 Fort Myers, FL- Manna Reading Center
9/1 Tampa, FL – Sacred Grounds Coffee
9/2 Gainesville, FL – The Jam
9/7- Winter Park, FL- The Kitchen at High Society

RyMic Jumps in on Control Beat

Earlier this month a major buzz was generated about a specific verse by Kendrick Lamar on the song “Control” with Big Sean and Jay Electronica. In this verse, Kendrick stated that he was one of the best and everyone else is just another one of the rest. This soon became the most talked about verse in recent history, possibly in all of hip hop history. The result? A flurry of verses in response. RyMic The King jumped in on the action creating his own response that you can see at this link:

RyMic’s Control Response

Using this beat is a good way to compare RyMic to others who’ve jumped on the same instrumental. Comment below and tell us what you think!

Isolation has become RyMic The King’s most viewed video!

RyMic The King has never had a video that went “viral” (meaning millions of views in a short period of time) and he still hasn’t. However, the video for “Isolation” is the closest thing that he has to something like that as the video has reached nearly 35,000 views in just over one week! Just before Isolation was released, he released a video for a promo song titled “No Games”, No games was successful in it’s own right gaining almost 3,000 views in one week, but the release of Isolation put No Games in a shadow.

Isolation and No Games are both short promo songs for the album in the works that will be titled “Superstar”, they are both very short and to the point. They are RyMic’s first collaborations with Split Mind Productions and both videos are crazy. You can watch them at the links below. If you like them, share them and keep this momentum rolling; and of course, if you have  youtube channel, don’t forget to subscribe.

RyMic The King- Isolation

RyMic The King- No Games

Fan appreciation week! (April 28th-May 4th)

Next week is going to be fan appreciation week for RyMic The King and The Kingdom. There will be all kinds of things going on. Fan spotlights, contests, prize giveaways, etc. etc. This will be going down on RyMic The King’s Twitter (@RyMicTheKing), his facebook like page (, and right here on

So be sure to stay tuned into these sites so you don’t miss anything. In fact, it may be a good idea to subscribe to RyMic’s like page (They don’t show everybody the posts from the like page, if you subscribe, you’ll be more likely to see it). This will be a very fun week.

Never Give Advice!…Wait, That’s Advice

Every day you see people on social networks constantly posting their aggravations, their thoughts, and their expert advice. People are constantly going around to other people saying the same things over and over again (usually in the same words, sometimes other words). Most of the time, it is very much common sense and you already know what they said, it’s just inspirational.

Don’t spend most of your time getting motivated instead of actually BEING motivated. We fall into this trap of reading philosophies and thinking about shit that really has no importance on your life…and as we all know, you only have one (duh). So on that note, I’m going to cut this post short and ask you to stop contemplating every little thing and START LIVING LIFE, DAMMIT!

- RyMic

Choosing The Hard Way

At the age of 9, I had teachers at my Elementary school tell us that we should have a plan for our future; that it is never too early to start thinking about what you want to do when you graduate. That night I went home and thought about what I wanted to do. I decided that I wanted to rap. My reasoning was that ever since I was a little kid in kindergarden and I first learned what a rhyme was, I just found rhymes fun and exciting (I know that sounds fuggin gay, but it’s true). I had a deep passion for rap music as well as it was all I really listened to at the time. So that night I decided that’s what I wanted to be. I went to sleep, and from then on I never looked back.

I thought about how I was going to do it. I thought, “Well, I could just message Def Jam and tell them that I want to be on their label and they could bring me in. Then when they hear how awesome my rhymes are, there’s no way they’ll say no!” (Keep in mind, I was only 9 lol). It obviously doesn’t work like that. I couldn’t record anything because at the time I was too ashamed of my vulgar lyrics to present them to my mom and ask her to get me time at a studio. I seriously had no idea how things worked and what I was getting myself into, but I told myself this: “I am going to do this. Whether I get the help from a label or not. If people will help me be successful, that’s great, but I will not wait. I don’t care, I will do it on my own”.

Since then, I’ve been taking a long, drawn out path to success. Taking one very small step at a time. It wasn’t until 12 years old that I revealed my abilities to people via class project. It was horrible because it was a group project and we never practiced as a group. We read off of the paper and everyone thought I sucked. They said, “Maybe you could be a writer, but you definitely can’t be a performer”.

Then the next year in Middle school is when I finally decided to start rapping in front of my peers (with a piece of paper held directly in front of my face shakily, so I didn’t have to look at anyone). Then at 14, I finally built up enough courage to sign up for the school’s annual talent show. I made my own beat via the Music Makers game on playstation 2 and recorded it with a cassette recorder. I had them play my song on tape even though they were incredibly obsolete. During the audition process, I almost shit myself, as this was my first actual performance I have EVER done, because I had severe stage fright, but I knew I had to get over it some time if this was what I wanted to do.

From that point on, it was the annual talent show every year. I switched schools after my second year, so it was a different school the next few times around. My shows started getting more and more sophisticated. As I then downloaded a beat on the internet, then the next time I made my own beat via the demo version of Fruity Loops, shortly after I had a personal friend of mine become my own personal beat maker.

It was my senior year that I released my first cd. I recorded it in my room at my mom’s house with a $60 condenser mic and audacity recording software. I did no mixing really, it was just not very good quality wise, but it was known throughout the school and the surrounding areas via my song “POAUC”, which was my first ever music video. Shortly after, I realized I could do better when I received my macbook for college and it came with garageband.

From that point, I made an album with the same setup, just using Garageband. The beats were better and it sounded cleaner, but I mixed it extremely low and left a ton of pops and clicks in. From that point, I tried to do shows. If you didn’t know, when just starting out as a performer at 18 years old, there isn’t very much opportunity. I had to travel to Traverse City, MI from Fremont for my first show. Then I couldn’t find another one. So I went to reverbnation and got booked in Brooklyn, New York.

My cousin and I traveled all the way to Brooklyn with no GPS and I performed for like 2 minutes, and then went home. It was an experience like no other. I was upset, but at the same time, it was very fun to go to an NYC road trip. Shortly after I met some DJs that did local open mics/parties in Grand Rapids, so I was doing those. Then I got booked in Romeo for a real show, but hardly anybody showed up except for the performers (But I met Skitzo Sinz there and they are some cool dudes!).

After a while of doing nothing but these open mics, I met Ill Kontent and he put me on the lineup with some actual shows that he was putting on in Grand Rapids.

Then finally after several years of going to school online, it was time to move down to campus in Orlando, Florida. I booked my first show in Orlando while I was still in Grand Rapids. I got a local opener spot for “The Underground Rebelz Tour” headlined by Potluck and Kung Fu Vampire.I also signed myself up for a Talent Search held by Bizarre of D12 in Detroit the day that I moved out. So I packed all of my stuff into my tiny blue Cavalier, drove to Warren, MI (just outside of Detroit) and did the Talent search for Bizarre and placed! After I was done I kept on driving south to Orlando. When I finally got to Orlando, I had two days to sell tickets for The Underground Rebelz Tour. I sold none, but I performed my ass off nonetheless and I met Potluck and Kung Fu Vampire (Who is a cool ass mother F*cker).

After spending about 8 months in Orlando, this is where I’m at right now: I am 21 years old, I have performed 54 times in 39 different places, Cities I’ve performed in include: Grand Rapids (MI), Fremont (MI), Sparta (MI), Traverse City (MI), Romeo (MI), Muskegon (MI), Warren (MI), Brooklyn (NY), Orlando (FL), Lakeland (FL), Miami (FL), and more; I have performed on shows headlined by Potluck, Kung Fu Vampire, Liquid Assassin, Twista, and many other big names coming up; I have 544 likes on Facebook that I’ve received solely through help of myself and my fans (say no to buying likes), I have my own t shirts, wristbands, web site, studio, etc; I have invested over $100,000 into my future in this business and I am about to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business as I release what I expect to be my first radio quality release and I am putting on my own show for the very first time in a couple of weeks on March 13th.

I still have a long way to go, but I do not depend on getting discovered for my success. If it takes a long time of dirty/filthy/time consuming grunt work on my behalf, so be it. I am RyMic the King, and I chose the hard way.

All of the news at once!

Hey, what’s up everybody? This is RyMic here telling you all about the new things coming up with me and my musical activities.Since there is so much to keep you up on, I’ll just bring it up to you  in segments.


Currently, Sirplus and I have been working on a new album. This album is going to be different because this is the first time I’ve really gathered the swing of all things. I’m having a LOT of fun working on it.It’s cool to have somebody else here to help me mix things for once. We may need some help funding this album, so be prepared to maybe see a kickstarter campaign. Would you participate?


I’m stepping up my youtube game! We will have many entertaining new videos ready for you peeps and they’re not going to be shitty like a lot of videos that I already have up on youtube. We’ll need people to be in the videos when we shoot them, so come on out and have a fun ass time making videos with us.


Many shows coming up! Some in Miami opening for hip hop legends, and some in Orlando. The next big show is in Orlando (Winter Park) and this is a HUGE one! Why? because I’m putting this how on and promoting it myself! I’ve found a group of some of the dopest MCs in Orlando and combined it with titties and the bawsome hosting of NoEmotion Goldmask. I am very excited for this event and for sure if you can come out, you should. I will be debuting some brand new tracks at this event.

Hump day w/ RyMic The King Right here is the flyer for the event. As you can see, it is going to be off the chain. Me with my fake ass jewelry from Halloween and shyit lol.

But hey peeps, that’s all of the news I have for the moment. You know I’ll keep you updated as long as you keep coming back here. I’ll definitely be posting some new stuff on here EVERY Wednesday, so stay tuned. Check the rest of the site, you’re welcome to explore The Kingdom! Peacez!